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Quadrant Optics

Glasses have evolved into very complex designs, as well as others more minimal. These days, people choose stylish glasses to express their personality and style. Nowadays, the brands that design and produce glasses are growing day by day. As a result of this the choices in terms of price, design, colour and style are endless. We at Quadrant Optics offer you a taste of the highest quality and at the same time affordable glasses on the market.

In most trends and cultures glasses have evolved into a fashion accessory. Besides from wearing glasses for functional purposes many women prefer to wear them on special occasions such as festivals, walks and parties. Glasses are also preferred by the younger demographic as part as a fashion statement, to wear for outdoor activities and daily life, rather than for practical use to improve their vision or to protect their eyes from the sun and ultraviolet rays.

Glasses on trend are also available in a variety of shades and colour. These shades and colours are available in various stores at different prices, and some are also available at affordable prices from online retailers. Most online retailers are selling fashionable glasses and sunglasses at discounted prices. Therefore, each individual can own a variety of brands at affordable prices, to be able to find a pair of glasses that matches their style.

New Products

Whether you are searching for prescription glasses or sunglasses, we at Quadrant Optics offer you a wide range of colours, styles and brands. Discover the new collection of Silhouette sunglasses that we brought to our store.

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Sunglasses are considered to be the most essential fashion accessory for both young and adult audiences. The functional use of sunglasses is also an appealing asset as they protect the eyes from harmful UV rays that enter our environment and can also prevent eye irritation.  Therefore, when it comes to an affordable pair of sunglasses, Quadrant Optics is the place to go.

Quality Sunglasses

The first thing you need to know before purchasing sunglasses is to make sure the pair you choose are durable. Moderately durable materials for sunglasses are wood and metal but also many more. Make sure when searching for sunglasses to check their colour and style suits you as well as their cost. You should never compromise the quality of the sunglasses for a cheaper pair, just for the price. We at Quadrant Optics offer you many options for all styles. Whether you prefer metallic or bone conducted sunglasses, here you will find the ideal pair for you. Colours and textures vary, always guided by the quality and affordability of price.

Discover the different Styles and Colours we have Chosen for You

At Quadrant Optics you will discover sunglasses for women, men and children. We choose each design and colour individually ourselves so that we can offer you something that we can support. You can find lenses in various colours, from the most tranquillised brown and black to the boldest pink and yellow. We also have sunglasses with polarized lenses that protect your eyes from UV rays. With various opponents you can browse our categories and choose between different colours, in retro styles and of course in a variety of shapes. We at Quadrant Optics have some tips on how to select sunglasses that will best suit your features. If you have a round face the best thing is to stay away from round glasses and select pilot or square sunglasses to complement your face. Diversely, if your face is square the best design choice would be oval or round and generally sunglasses with curves instead of corners.

Whatever style or face shape you have, we are by your side to help you choose the perfect pair of sunglasses. You can choose varieties of sunglasses for women, sunglasses for men and sunglasses for children to suit all!

Prescription Glasses

When it comes to purchasing prescription glasses there are many features to be considered. The main priority when searching for prescription glasses is comfort and whether or not they are the right fit for your face. In addition, they should be the right shape and colour so that they are suitable for the location in which you will wear them. If it is necessary to wear prescription glasses in your workplace then you will need a more sophisticated pair of glasses. Under circumstances of buying prescription glasses, for the first time, for a child the most likely choice would be glasses that will appeal to the child as well as the value of comfort. This will create a positive energy towards their new accessory. Prescription glasses do not have to be just a necessary tool to help you read, drive and see accurately.  They can be a fashionable and original accessory.

Prescription glasses are definitely something that will make you stand out from the crowd and will highlight your character. If you prefer a more vintage style then brown, leopard print or retro style glasses are the right choice for you. If, however, you prefer something more intense then you can find a pair of glasses in the colour red or in the shape of a “butterfly”. As you can see, the options are endless. all you have to do is choose your favourite design and we will adjust the appropriate lenses to the glasses you select.

  • BALENCIAGA BA5058 065

  • DIESEL DL5164 068

  • DIESEL DL5167 050

  • DSQUARED2 DQ5136 096



  • IYOKO INYAKE IY781 630

  • JUST CAVALLI JC0703 C001

  • CROCS JR6023 C15RD

  • CROCS JR060 C 40OE

  • CROCS CF4367 C.80TG

  • CROCS CF4353 C 20BK


Contact Lenses and Contact Lens Solution

In our store and online you will find contact lenses that will surely meet your demands and that will protect your eyes. We offer daily and monthly use contact lenses, supporting the 3 best contact lens brands; Air Optics, Softlens and Biotrue. Due to advanced technology contact lenses have evolved to becoming exceptionally comfortable and flexible. You can wear them everyday, at the recommended hours, and feel like you are not wearing them at all. Of course, to achieve this, they also need special care with the appropriate contact lens solution.

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