Lens solution suitable for contact lenses

Is it time to put aside you prescription glasses and get contact lenses? Have you ever got a pair of contact lenses but you was not sure if you got the right cleansing products?

The answer lies in the fact that a pair of lenses is accompanied by the appropriate lens solution as well as the case that will protect it. It may not seem so important but it is vital for both your lenses and your eyes. Let’s take our skin for example, I always use a shower gel that will moisturise and clean it properly and not something that will irritate us and dry it out. This is exactly the relationship of the contact lens with its liquid.

In other words, lens solution is essential for the health and maintenance of our lenses and eyes.

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How do I choose the correct lens solution?

Not all lens solutions have exactly the same chemical composition. Most will see that they have small differences in the ingredients, in the sediment removal products but also in the moisturising substances. It is usually recommended that when using a pair of lenses it needs to be accompanied by the same lens solution. The purpose of this is to avoid eye irritation from a sudden reaction of both ourselves and our lens. But this is not an absolute view. Everybody is different therefore different solutions to the lens may suit you best, so what we have to do is find the right one for our eyes and that also fit our lenses.

What is the lens solution I bought?

Lens liquids contain water, bactericidal moisturising ingredients, protein and fat deposition ingredients. In addition, they contain buffers to maintain proper eye pH and preservatives. Their composition should be observed by the consumer in case of allergies to a component product. In essence, however, companies produce their own ingredients, designed for lens care and cleaning. Of particular importance is the fact that new generation fluids do not contain preservatives.

Types of liquid lenses used today

There are two types of liquids used:

Oxidising liquids: Their composition includes hydrogen peroxide and the cases in which a catalyst is placed in the form of a metal plate. A chemical reaction is created where hydrogen peroxide is converted to oxygen and water.

Multifunctional liquids: This type of fluid cleans, moisturises, disinfects the lens and removes protein deposits. They are easy and comfortable to use, as they facilitate those who used to use two-phase liquids.

Online store

In our online store you will therefore find a variety of lens solutions suitable and adapted to the texture of your eyes, which will finally lead to the pleasure of wearing your contact lenses.


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