BIOTRUE Contact Lens Solution

At the Quadrant Optics online store we offer you high quality lens solution. To care for and treat contact lenses just as it deserves in your eyes. BIOTRUE is a company with excellent quality lens and contact lens solution. One of the most famous in the industry, BIOTRUE has managed to adapt its qualifications as close as possible to the needs of the human eye.

Why should I choose BIOTRUE?

Bausch + Lomb BIOTRUE is one of the cheapest brands in the industry, without compromising its quality. It uses an ingredient called hyaluronan to make its liquids. Hyaluronan is the natural lubricant of our eye. This substance remains on our lens even 20 hours after cleaning and placing it in your eye. In short, Bausch + Lomb balances this substance with the pH of the healthy tears produced in our eye. This results in the double disinfecting action.

In other words, Bausch + Lomb faithfully follows the biology of our eyes, in order to work as close to them as possible. This sophisticated lens fluid has been created to offer you an innovative and original solution to take care of your contact lenses.

Ingredient Function

BIOTRUE in its lens fluid, keeps the tear proteins healthy. This has the effect of maintaining and increasing its antimicrobial activity. In addition, in the capabilities of its fluids, it is the removal of proteins that are not useful. Essentially, they have lost their structure due to factors such as external stresses.

Online Store

At Quadrant Optics we offer you the contact lens liquid of the company BIOTRUE, in a package of 360ml with easy and practical opening. Available in a clear bottle so you can check the liquid level. Along with the large package we give you an extra 60ml gift in a small bottle. A bottle that you can always have with you both in everyday life and in your travels.

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