Our online store Quadrant Optics provides you with ReNu Multiplus Care lens solution. The new version of ReNu Multiplus especially for Greece, can now reach your hands directly with the best results.

Why is ReNu Multiplus CARE the best choice?

By the time you start wearing contact lenses, you will definitely have some eye discomfort from time to time. These disorders can include dry eyes, stinging, or general problems that affect the health of your eyesight. This may be due to either the lens solution used or the contact lens itself. As for the lens solution, it should be known that the right one is the one that not only removes the unnecessary proteins from the contact lens but the one that will moisturise your eye. That is, a lens solution that will meet the needs of the functionality of your eyes.

ReNu Multiplus Care is a liquid recommended by Greek and foreign ophthalmologists. It will give your contact lens a freshness and comfort of a brand new pair. ReNu Multiplus gives a layer of relief, fighting germs. The best solution for soft lenses will satisfy your every need for an enzyme cleaner. Putting it in your daily routine will help to remove non-functional proteins and will give your eyes a feeling of freshness and moisture.

Offers by Quadrant Optics

Our online store offers you a large bottle of ReNu multiplus Care 360ml lens liquid for the economical price of 8.00 euros. It comes in a translucent vial with easy opening so that you do not lose even a little of your liquid. Along with the large package we give you a gift of a bottle of 60ml. This offer allows you to have the cleanser in a small bottle, in your bag so that you can enjoy the feeling of freshness all day, without discomfort.

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