Prescription Glasses that will Impress you

Are you one of those people who do not want contact lenses and love a classic pair of prescription glasses? Or are you just looking for something simple to wear at home, after a long day at work or while reading? Whatever the reason you want to buy glasses, we have the solution for you. Prescription glasses have become a fashionable accessory, and are no longer a simple means to improve your vision. In our online store you will find branded eyeglasses that will complement your style and boost your confidence.


Find the style that suits you

Discover the thousands of designs and colours and choose the one that suits you best. Do you prefer a striking and sensual red or a classic black frame? Do you think that the “butterfly” -shaped frame, the round glasses, or the sophisticated squares that can give a different charm to your look are more suitable for you? We are here to help you choose, and make your own pair of prescription glasses you love. Get our unique discounts, choose from dozens of branded eyewear brands, and buy the perfect pair of glasses for you. At Quadrant Optics you will find prescription glasses for men, women, and kids. For every style, look, face shape, and environment.

Prescription Glasses Lens

Choose the frame you want and then we will take care of the lenses. We provide myopia glasses, astigmatism glasses, presbyopia glasses and multifocal glasses. If the lenses of your glasses are very thick, then we can give you an extra thinning of your lenses. This way they will fit your skeleton.

The choice is in your hand and glasses are our specialty.

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  • PlaceholderCALVIN KLEIN CK8018 223 UNISEX Prescription Glasses 2020

    CALVIN KLEIN CK8018 223

    190,00 39,99
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  • Γυαλιά οράσεως gigistudios_optical_men_smith_6557-2.Γυαλιά οράσεως gigistudios_optical_men_smith_6557-1. 2021

    GIGI Studios Smith 6557/2

    160,00 129,99
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  • Γυαλιά οράσεως gigistudios_optical_men_bergman_6552-2.

    GIGI Studios Bergman 6552/2

    146,00 123,99
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  • Γυαλιά οράσεως RAY BAN RB5283 2012 49 21 145

    RAY BAN RB5283 2012

    140,00 89,99
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  • MONCLER ML5017 098 Prescription Glasses

    MONCLER ML5017 098

    230,00 159,99
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  • MONCLER ML5017 047 Prescription Glasses

    MONCLER ML5017 047

    240,00 159,99
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  • ROBERTO CAVALLI DICOMANO 5044 C050 Prescription Glasses 2018
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  • PlaceholderTIMBERLAND TB 1572 097 Prescription Glasses 2018

    TIMBERLAND TB 1572 097

    120,00 79,99
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  • Γυαλιά οράσεως IYOKO INYAKE IY743 C67 ΠειραιάςIYOKO INYAKE IY743 C67 Prescription Glasses 2018


    180,00 49,99
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  • Γυαλιά οράσεως IYOKO INYAKE IY734 C683 ΠειραιάςIYOKO INYAKE IY734 C683 UNISEX Prescription Glasses 2018


    190,00 69,99
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  • PlaceholderTOM FORD TF5388 052 Unisex Prescription Glasses 2020

    TOM FORD TF5388 052

    360,00 129,99
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  • PlaceholderTOM FORD TF5127 016 Prescription Glasses 2019

    TOM FORD TF5127 016

    320,00 69,99
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