Kids Prescription Glasses 2020

Our vision is known to be the most necessary of the five senses that mankind has. Its role is essential in both childhood and adulthood. The day has come when your child will need to put on glasses, but there is no fear as Quadrant Optics is here to help you and find the solution with you.


What are the right glasses for my child?

Are you a parent, and your child needs to wear glasses? The options are many, but initially the ideal is to visit our physical Quadrant Optics store in Piraeus. In our online store, you have the opportunity to see our unique skeletons for your child. Then with our help and our experienced staff, we will find an answer for: the thickness of the glass lenses, the lens material, the frame material, a spare pair, its need in sports and the applications on its face.

Children do not have the patience of an adult and usually have a negative attitude towards the idea of ​​glasses. It is important to include your child in the selection of the frame and its colour. Take your child to an endless game, bringing him examples with his favourite heroes wearing glasses. Our online store has a wide variety of frames that you can choose from, helping it to reconcile and get acquainted with the idea of ​​this particular accessory.

What is the ideal style for my child?

Quadrant Optics offers a wide range of prescription glasses for both you and your child. Take advantage of our unique offers by buying not one but two or more glasses at almost half price. On our page you will find squares, rounds, diamonds and other designs to impress you. The choice is yours and we are by your side.

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