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At Quadrant Optics you will discover a wide range of sunglasses. You will find vintage sunglasses and pieces from the latest fashion. Choose from thousands of frame designs, including metal frames, bone (or paste), composite frames (for example, made of paste and metal, or metal and wood), and of course wooden frames. There are still colours for every taste and style.


Find the style that expresses you With the sunglasses that we offer you at Quadrant Optics, you will be able to highlight your style, and the special details of your face. So browse and discover glasses with thin or thick frames, with polarized lenses or not, for all ages, and for every gender. You can also take advantage of our offers on selected pieces and the possibility of ordering without a card. The glasses at Quadrant Optics are certified pieces of excellent quality.

Summer is slowly approaching, so you should choose for yourself, and not only, the accessory that will make you stand out and catch everyone’s eye. Because sunglasses are not a simple accessory, they are a statement – a statement – that brings out your character and lasts over time. Not everyone knows that it is not just a fashionable accessory. So use this privilege to your advantage.

Make sure you choose the right pair and then complete your purchase! We are by your side at every step, to help you choose and inform you about our offers.

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  • Tommy Hilfiger TH 1724/S Sunglasses

    Tommy Hilfiger TH 1724/S/807

    130,00 78,99
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  • Polaroid 4089/F/S SunglassesPolaroid 4089/F/S Sunglasses

    Polaroid 4089/F/S/JBW

    70,00 52,00
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  • Polaroid 4086/S SunglassesPolaroid 4086/S Sunglasses

    Polaroid 4086/S/807 WJ

    70,00 53,99
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  • Polaroid 4053/S SunglassesPolaroid 4053/S Sunglasses
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  • Polaroid 6089/S SunglassesPolaroid 6089/S Sunglasses

    Polaroid 6089/S/HJV HE

    65,00 49,98
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  • Polaroid 4086/S SunglassesPolaroid 4086/S Sunglasses

    Polaroid 4086/S/JBW C3

    70,00 52,00
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  • PlaceholderPORTER & REYNARD BUSTER C5 Sunglasses 2020


    220,00 39,99
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  • Γυαλιά ηλίου Bluesky Tahiti Dusk Πειραιάς

    Bluesky Tahiti Dusk

    180,00 89,99
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  • CARRERA 166/S SunglassesCARRERA 166/S Sunglasses

    Carrera CARRERA 166/S KJ1IR

    195,00 124,36
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  • Polaroid 6090/S SunglassesPolaroid 6090/S Sunglasses

    Polaroid 6090/S/086 SP

    65,00 48,00
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  • Polaroid 4085/F/S SunglassesPolaroid 4085/F/S Sunglasses

    Polaroid 4085/F/S/807 M9

    80,00 56,99
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  • MCM 636S 235 Sunglasses PiraeusMCM 636S 235 Sunglasses

    MCM 636S 235

    250,00 197,00
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