Men’s sunglasses for demanding men, for men who want to stand out. We have chosen the men’s sunglasses for you only, all the men’s sunglasses are from well-known optical companies from all over the world. The quality control has been done by the staff of the company who are immediately trained to offer the customer the quality he is looking for.


The store has a variety of designs from well-known fashion designers, so we have managed to combine the quality, design and price of the products. Our goal is to offer the customer style and quality at the best market prices.

The operation of the store experiences 3 consecutive successful years. Its differentiation was supported and identified by the current era that requires quality and price. The choice of products is made by us ourselves. We always follow the fashion trend, the choice of celebrities but also the diversity of our products. All of our men’s sunglasses include a certificate of authenticity as befits any business in the optical industry.

Large Variety in Men’s Sunglasses

The variety of our store is very large as well as its designs consisting of many designs. Such as ovals, squares, diamonds, butterfly, mask, round and many other kinds of designs. The companies we work with are well known worldwide such as Rayban, Silhouette, Diesel, MCM, Vuarnet, Rebecca Blu, Tom Ford, Lussile, Iyoko Inyake, Porter & Reynard, Porsche Design, Persol, Etnia q Barcelona, ​​Swarovski, Calvin Klein, The Glass Of Brixton, SOYA, Dolce & Gabbana, Marc jacobs, BALENCIAGA, Giorgio Armani, Just Cavalli, Roberto Cavalli, Arnette, Oakley, Nike, Carrera, MIU MIU, Moschino, Paul Hueman, T-Charge, Prada, Tiwi, Ralph Lauren, Trussardi, Vogue, and more.

High Quality Materials

Our men’s sunglasses are made of bone, metals, and even high quality surgical titans. All lenses are approved by the EU, they are 100% absorbent for the sun with internal filters and many of them have a polarizing filter (polirized), so we can cover every demanding customer.

Shipments are made throughout Greece and Cyprus, and require from 1 to 3 working days with safety, quality and speed. Payments are made by credit and debit card, with E-Banking, as well as cash on delivery. All shipments over € 100 are free of charge in Greece. Our strength is to serve you safely, quickly and reliably.

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  • CARRERA 166/S SunglassesCARRERA 166/S Sunglasses

    Carrera CARRERA 166/S KJ1IR

    195,00 124,36
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  • PlaceholderPORTER & REYNARD BUSTER C5 Sunglasses 2020


    220,00 39,99
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  • MONCLER ML0048 02C SunglassesMONCLER ML0048 02C Sunglasses

    MONCLER ML0048 02C

    420,00 159,99
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  • MONCLER QUATTRO MILA ML0050 98L SunglassesMONCLER QUATTRO MILA ML0050 98L Sunglasses


    430,00 159,99
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  • Polaroid 1016/S/NEW SunglassesPolaroid 1016/S/NEW Sunglasses

    Polaroid 1016/S/NEW 807

    65,00 45,00
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  • Polaroid 6062/S SunglassesPolaroid 6062/S Sunglasses

    Polaroid 6062/S 7ZJ

    75,00 52,00
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  • Placeholdervg 1013 gy unisex Sunglasses 2018


    180,00 44,99
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  • Γυαλιά ηλίου PORTER & REYNARD EDIE C5 57-18-140 Πειραιάς


    140,00 39,99
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  • PlaceholderPorter & Reynard SIMONE C1 Unisex Sunglasses 2020

    Porter & Reynard SIMONE C1

    220,00 39,99
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  • PlaceholderVUARNET VL1204 P00N Sunglasses 2020

    VUARNET VL1204 P00N

    325,00 119,99
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  • PlaceholderVUARNET VL1307 P01J Sunglasses 2020

    VUARNET VL1307 P01J

    325,00 119,99
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  • Sunglasses MONCLER ML0025 32X 54-22-145 PiraeusSunglasses MONCLER ML0025 32X 54-22-145 Unisex 2020

    MONCLER ML0025 32X

    370,00 159,99
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