Women’s Sunglasses 2020

Selected sunglasses that will impress you and will offer you style with their uniqueness and originality. Our store has special glasses for unique women. Visit our page quadrant-optics.gr to get the glasses of choice at unique prices. At Quadrant Optics, we care about your needs. Every woman has her own style and always wants to feel special. The sunglasses we offer are selected by famous companies to reflect your special personality, but also to protect your eyes.


 Women’s Glasses in a Wide Variety

Sunglasses are a necessary accessory that no woman can live without. In our Quadrant Optics store, every demanding woman will find the right type of glasses that will accompany her in her daily but also in her most special circumstances. The variety we have in our store is very large in women’s sunglasses and consists of many designs and sizes. Some you will encounter are squares, rounds, diamonds, butterflies, and more.

We choose for you, always through fashion trends and great fashion designers, bringing to your hands glasses from well-known companies. The companies we work with are known worldwide. Some of them are: Vogue, Moschino, Rayban, Diesel, Silhouette, Vuarnet, Tom Ford, MCM, Lyoko Inyake, Lussile, Calvin Klein, Porter & Reynard, Rebecca Blu, The Glass of Brixton, Dolce & Gabbana, Porsche Design, Swarovski , Persl, Marc Jacobs, Etnua Q Barcelona, ​​Balenciaga, Giorgio Armani, Nike, MIU MIU, Roberto Cavalli, Paul Hueman, Arnette, Oakly, Trussardi, Prada, T – Chanrge, Tiwi, Ralph Lauren and many other sunglasses companies

High Quality Materials

Our Women’s sunglasses are made of bone, metals, and even high quality surgical titans. All lenses are approved by the EU, they are 100% absorbent for the sun with internal filters and many of them have a polarizing filter (polirized), so we can cover every demanding customer.

Shipments are made throughout Greece and Cyprus, and require from 1 to 3 working days with safety, quality and speed. Payments are made by credit and debit card, with E-Banking, as well as cash on delivery. All shipments over € 100 are free of charge in Greece. Our strength is to serve you safely, quickly and reliably.

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  • Tommy Hilfiger TH 1724/S Sunglasses

    Tommy Hilfiger TH 1724/S/807

    130,00 78,94
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  • Polaroid 4089/F/S SunglassesPolaroid 4089/F/S Sunglasses

    Polaroid 4089/F/S/JBW

    70,00 52,00
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  • Polaroid 6089/S SunglassesPolaroid 6089/S Sunglasses

    Polaroid 6089/S/HJV HE

    65,00 49,98
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  • Γυαλιά ηλίου Bluesky Tahiti Dusk Πειραιάς

    Bluesky Tahiti Dusk

    180,00 69,99
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  • Polaroid 6090/S SunglassesPolaroid 6090/S Sunglasses

    Polaroid 6090/S/086 SP

    65,00 48,00
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  • Polaroid 4085/F/S SunglassesPolaroid 4085/F/S Sunglasses

    Polaroid 4085/F/S/807 M9

    80,00 56,99
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  • Polaroid 4086/S SunglassesPolaroid 4086/S Sunglasses

    Polaroid 4086/S/807 WJ

    70,00 53,99
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  • Polaroid 4086/S SunglassesPolaroid 4086/S Sunglasses

    Polaroid 4086/S/JBW C3

    70,00 52,00
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  • MCM 636S 235 Sunglasses PiraeusMCM 636S 235 Sunglasses

    MCM 636S 235

    250,00 143,00
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  • vg 1013 gy unisex Sunglasses 2018


    180,00 44,99
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  • PlaceholderPorter & Reynard SIMONE C1 Unisex Sunglasses 2020

    Porter & Reynard SIMONE C1

    220,00 39,99
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  • Γυαλιά ηλίου PORTER & REYNARD LISA C7 ΠειραιάςPORTER & REYNARD LISA C7 Sunglasses 2020


    220,00 39,99
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