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Next 4668 C1 Prescription Glasses

In our Quadrant Optics store you will find the fantastic model of Next 4668 C1 at a unique price. This amazing model has a very light frame of vision, with an impressive fit on the nasal bone – nose without bothering and hurting you. The arms are designed to offer a correct and stable fit on the face, with the aim of optimal quality of vision and comfort when wearing them.

Quality of Next

We can say without exaggeration that it is one of the most advanced products. It is definitely one of the things that the optician can offer to their client. Even if the lens is placed on the frame, it remains very light, even after many hours of use.

The material from which it is made is 100% anti-allergic.

So without fear we can say the following. The NEXT prescription glasses seem to be the right glasses for you. Having done a lot of research in the market, our store aims to bring first quality prescription glasses, at an affordable price and comfort in their use.


Φύλο                                        Γυναικεία

Brand                                         Next

Χρώμα πλαισίου                       Brown/ Green Matte

Υλικό σκελετού                        Metal

Σχήμα πλαισίου                         Πεταλούδα

Product ID                                  11155

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