Cooper Vision Avaira Vitality Myopia-Hyperopia Monthly 6pcs

Cooper Vision Avaira Vitality Myopia-Hyperopia Monthly 6pcs

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Contact Lenses Avaira Vitality Myopia-Hyperopia Monthly 6pcs

Avaira Vitality Myopia-Hyperopia Contact Lenses Monthly 6pcs is a new version of the beloved Avaira contact lens brand. These lenses are made of Fanfilcon A, a silicone-hydrogel material with a high water content (55%). Avaira Vitality contact lenses are suitable for use for 30 days.

In our online store you can find contact lenses Avaira Vitality in a package of 3pcs.

Natural hydration for the whole day

The advanced silicone-hydrogel technology included in Avaira Vitality Toric contact lenses provides you with excellent moisture throughout their use. High oxygen permeability combined with high water content can ensure you a comfortable and relaxed fit, while reducing the symptoms of dry eye syndrome.

Benefits of hydrogel silicone lenses

If the amount of oxygen reaching the cornea is too low – a condition referred to as hypoxia – many unpleasant effects can occur to the user. These include problems such as red eyes, swollen corneas and blurred vision. Hypoxia can also increase the risk of eye infection. With greater oxygen permeability to the cornea, silicone hydrogel lenses can help minimise this risk.

Silicone hydrogel lenses reduce the exchange between oxygen permeability and wet ability.

This opens up many possibilities for silicone hydrogel contacts, such as:

  • Extended use (sometimes for up to six consecutive nights and days)
  • Continuous use (sometimes up to thirty days before replacement, depending on the type of contact lens)
  • Increased comfort and performance

UV protection

Avaira Vitality Toric lenses also contain UV filters, capable of protecting your eyes from harmful UV rays. This protects your eyes from the permanent damage they can cause. However, the use of sunglasses  is recommended as the lenses cover only a part of the eye.