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Lussile LS32196 LN02 Prescription Glasses

The Lussile prescription glasses uniquely combines quality with affordable prices. It has a light and durable frame, with an excellent fit on the nose without bothering or irritating you. Its arms are designed to offer optimal comfort and quality of vision. They can be applied correctly to any type of face. They promise to offer you exactly what you ask for, satisfying even the most demanding user!

Philosophy and Design

The company LUSSILE was founded in 1990 by the Kaminiotis brothers, who started their business activity in the field of clothing as early as 1973 in Athens. The first LUSSILE store was opened in 1993 in Thessaloniki. This company offers fashion tailored to the needs of the modern, demanding woman. Fashion that is inspired by global trends and finds expression through our design style. Their products are characterised by quality, high prestige and the excellent relationship between perceived quality and price. At LUSSILE, the day-to-day effort focuses on overall customer satisfaction, both in terms of products and service.


Gender                                       Women

Brand                                         Lussile

Frame Colour                             Brown Tortoiseshell/ Gold

Frame Material                           Bone/ Metal

Frame Shape                              Butterfly

Product ID                                   10664

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