Rebecca Blu RB7450 RE07

Rebecca Blu RB7450 RE07


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Rebecca Blu RB7450 RE07 Prescription Glasses

Like all Rebecca Blu pieces,  the prescription glasses provide unique quality. It is a durable skeleton, with an impressive fit on the nasal bone without bothering or irritating you. Its arms are designed to offer a proper and stable fit on the face. So, they can provide optimal vision quality and comfort when you wear them. They guarantee to offer you exactly what you ask for from a pair of glasses.

Philosophy and Design

Rebecca Blu is a favourite brand in the field of fashion and is governed by a philosophy that combines femininity, quality and affordable prices. All the lines of the company, are always following the latest fashion, have elegance and dynamic designs. In addition, the materials are selected with special care in order to obtain the final result that will satisfy all experts of exceptional aesthetics. Rebecca Blu takes care to offer a great variety, releasing many series with different aesthetics, so that every consumer can find what they are looking for. Of course, elegance is always guided in combination with affordable prices.


Gender                                       Women

Brand                                         Rebecca Blu

Frame Colour                             Red

Frame Material                           Bone

Frame Shape                              Rectangle

Product ID                                   5990

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