Terms and Conditions – Transaction Security – Personal Data

Terms and Conditions

1. Application

These Terms and Conditions apply to the goods sold by the company under the name «ALEXADROS ANTONIOU VELOUDIS» based in Piraeus Attica, 49 Tsamadou Street, with Company Registration Number. 114537809000, with VAT Registration Number: 115641976, from its online store quadrant-optics.gr (henceforth referred to as the “Online Store”).

2. Register or Login

For security reasons of the transactions, the User of the online store (henceforth «User» or «Customer») before starting the process of submitting their order they can register on the online store. To register or connect the User to the online store only the name, delivery address, contact phone and email are required. This information remains strictly confidential. The COMPANY reserves the right to use this information to send updates on new products or offers to its customers or registered users in the online store. If at any time the User wishes to cancel their registration in the list of addresses / email, they can do so by clicking “send an email” to info@quadrant-optics.gr  in order to request the deletion or change of their personal data.

3. Order. Submission and Acceptance

Submitting an online order – Proposal for the purchase of goods

The order of the products and / or services is submitted through the completion and sending of the specific Order Form that exists in the online store. Before placing the order (checkout), the Customer receives through a specific link knowledge of the terms relating to the sale of products and / or services they wish to acquire. Once receiving the link there is an option to select the activation of a relevant icon (indication) «I have read and agree with the terms and conditions» . With this marking, the Customer expressly and unreservedly declares that before submitting their order, they received in a clear and understandable way the following information:

  1. The main features of the products and / or services ordered, are as described on the online store pages. The Customer must check each relevant feature before submitting their order, to not have any doubts about the features and properties of the ordered products and / or services. The COMPANY has no responsibility in case the Customer has failed to read or be sufficiently informed about the above.
  2. The order is not binding on the COMPANY before the customer receives the confirmation information of the acceptance of the order from the COMPANY, as described below. The order is considered received by the COMPANY from the moment the Customer receives the relevant notice of the order status with «Your order has been accepted.».  Order status updates appear on the User’s screen and are emailed to the contact email address entered by the User / Customer. The status of the order is constantly updated as and when changes occur during the management of the order.

During the processing of each registered order, the products stock availability of the order is confirmed. In case the availability or delivery time differs from the one indicated on the product page, the Customer will receive the relevant information.  The COMPANY specifically will verify the availability of the product and the absence of any errors in the online store regarding the pricing or the price of the products, their characteristics, etc. by e-mail and will confirm the approval of the order. The above e-mail will explicitly confirm the content of the order, the total price and the estimated delivery time of the order, as known to the Customer already before the submission of the order. The order is considered binding and the sale is regarded to have been drawn up and creates claims of the contracting parties (Customer – COMPANY), only by sending and receiving the above email with the indication «Your order has been sent» .

The status of the order is constantly updated as and when changes occur during the management of the Customer’s order. The Customer is obliged to check the status of their order and to immediately inform the COMPANY in writing in any form, of any error in the order. Otherwise, the information mentioned in the Order Acceptance Confirmation will be applied to the sales contract.

The Customer also has the opportunity to be informed about the progress of their order either by phone (tel: 211 111 4286), or by sending an e-mail (email address: info@quadrant-optics.gr) or electronically by accessing their account by entering their personal information in the username and password fields of the following link https://quadrant-optics.gr/my-account-2/ and selecting «Orders».

Limitations of Liability: In the context of good will and transactional ethics, the COMPANY is not obliged to accept any orders or enter into sales of products and / or services, due to typographical or computer error that appear in the online store with incorrect prices, ie. less or greater than applicable for that period.

If an error in price occurs within an order and is found only in part of the ordered products, then the order is valid and executed as normal for the other products that are correct. The order is considered incomplete for the products in which the error was found. Unless the items in the order are relevant, they are to be used as a whole and operate as a unit with each other in the exception that the Customer declares that the partial fulfilment of the order does not serve their needs or interests, so the COMPANY must cancel their entire order.

In case of incorrect shipments of non-ordered products or services, their unconditional receipt or failure to inform the COMPANY or return products, cannot be considered as consent, acceptance or declaration of intent to purchase them. In case a refund is requested by the COMPANY and the Customer is late to return these products for more than seven (7) calendar days then this refusal constitutes a statement of intent to purchase the items and the order is considered confirmed and the Customer is obligated to pay their value.

4. Product Availability

The Customer is informed about the availability of the products through indications that are placed on the page of each product or service in the online store. The COMPANY reserves the right to make its products available if they are not available at the time of the order. In this case, the COMPANY reserves the right not to accept the specific order and therefore not to make the sale. Any payments will be returned to the Customer without undue delay, in the same way the Customer chose to pay for their order. Specific cases of availability are of the following:


  • Upon order: The product will be sought at the supplier of the COMPANY and the Customer will receive information on the availability of the product within 3-5 working days from the submission of their order. In this case an advance payment of part of the price may be requested up to full payment depending on the nature of the item.
  • Pre-ordered: The product is not in the supplier’s warehouses but can be ordered with an estimated delivery time. In this case, before submitting the order, the Customer is notified of the estimated arrival time of the product. The confirmation of receipt by the COMPANY of the pre-order is only a confirmation that the order has been received with the content mentioned and in no case constitutes acceptance of the order or conclusion of terms (preparation) of sale. In these terms an advance payment of part of the price may be requested before full payment depending on the nature of the item.
  • Out of stock: The product is out of stock or cancelled or it is not expected to be received immediately.

The COMPANY notifies the Customer on every estimated delivery time of the ordered product, depending on the circumstances. In any case, the COMPANY undertakes to deliver the ordered product within thirty (30) days starting from the confirmation receipt of the order. However, the COMPANY reserves the right to inform the Customer in case of assistance due to reasons that make the product unavailable or for the possible (new) delivery time if there are reasons for delay in the delivery. In this instance, if it is deemed that the delay makes the transaction unprofitable for the Customer, the Customer is entitled to independently cancel the order with a written statement (via email to info@quadrant-optics.gr). If the order is cancelled and thus the sale contract is terminated, the COMPANY must return, without undue delay, all the money paid to it by the Customer.

Unavailability of part of the order: If the lack of availability concerns only part of the ordered products in their order, the rest of the order is executed normally. If the products of the order are relevant they will be used as a whole and the Customer can declare that the partial execution of the order does not serve their needs or interests, in which case the COMPANY must cancel the entire order.

5. Delivery of Order

Place of Delivery

Collection from the physical store Quadrant-Optics Free: In the case that the Customer chooses during the submission of his order online, collection from the physical store, they will receive an electronic notification for the estimated time of receipt of their order from the store (confirmation of receipt). The Customer is obliged to collect their order within five calendar days upon receipt of the relevant receipt notice. If the Customer does not collect the product within five (5) calendar days from the receipt of the notice received, the COMPANY reserves the right to withdraw from the sale. In order to receive the order, the Customer must present the order confirmation (order code) and the receipt notice, as well as an official identity document (such as a police made ID card or passport). If the Customer wishes to authorise a third party to receive his order, then the third authorised person must have with him a special authorisation to receive the specific order legally considered by KEP or police or other Authority as well as an official document necessary for the inspection of an identity card (police made ID, passport, etc.). After receiving the receipt of the products, the risk passes to the Customer, the Customer must check upon receipt of the products they receive, as by signing the given receipt they confirm that they have received all products of their order correctly.

Delivery to the place specified by the Customer: When the product is sent to the place chosen by the Customer, the product is delivered to an external partner – carrier/ courier and the Customer is informed electronically that the product is ready to be shipped. Greece: Shipping costs are € 3.  Orders over 60 €, shipping costs are FREE.  To receive the order, the Customer will present to the external partner-carrier-courier the order confirmation (order code) and the notice for shipment, as well as an official identity document (such as a police made ID card or passport). If the Customer wishes to authorise a third party to receive his order, then the third authorised person must have with him a special authorisation to receive the specific order legally considered by KEP or police or other Authority as well as an official document necessary for the inspection of an identity card (police made ID, passport, etc.). After receiving the receipt of the products, the risk passes to the Customer, the Customer must check upon receipt of the products they receive, as by signing the given receipt they confirm that they have received all products of their order correctly. If the Customer does not receive the product after receiving the notice sent to them and despite the relevant notice from the carrier/courier, the COMPANY reserves the right to withdraw from the sale.


  • In case any of the products we send you does not work for you, we can change it for you within 15 days of receiving it.
  • The product must not have been used and must be in its original packaging.
  • It is possible to make the change from the store.
  • In case the change is made by shipment from a transport company, the shipping costs are to be paid for by the customer.

For the calculation of the 15 day time frame, the delivery date of the product ordered in the original order is valid and cannot be extended with successive changes.

Change Exceptions:

  • Changes and refunds cannot  be made to custom made contact lenses such as astigmatic, multifocal and coloured lenses with degrees of myopia.
  • Changes cannot be made to the lenses of prescription glasses that have already been installed based on the criteria of your order, in the chosen frame you selected.
  • Changes and refunds cannot be made to products that have been custom ordered by the manufacturer following your order.

In order for a product change to take place, you will need to send us the product in the original condition in which you received it in. You can send us the product in any way you wish (ELTA or Courier) and inform us (by phone or by email) which other product you would like us to send you in return. Shipping costs for changes are to be compensated by the customer.



Shipment can be made for all of Greece. Shipping costs are € 3.  For orders over 60 €, shipping costs are FREE.

In every order case, the customer is informed by us by phone call before sending their order. In case the phone call is not answered by the customer, their order may be delayed until we have been contacted. (Only for residents in Greece).

catastrophic event: The COMPANY is not responsible for delays in the execution of an order (including delivery) due to cases that cannot be attributed to the fault of the COMPANY or due to great forces and therefore the COMPANY is entitled to an extension of time in order to execute the delivery and shipment. Examples of these events include strikes, terrorist acts, war, supplier / transportation / production problems, exchange rate fluctuations, government or legislative acts, and natural disasters. If such incidents last more than two (2) months, the contract of sale can be terminated by any party without compensation. If the Customer deems that they no longer have an interest in the execution of the order, they are entitled to terminate the contract of sale and the COMPANY is obliged to return the price as well as any other amount paid under the contract of sale.

6. Payment

  • Cash on delivery – the charge of cash on delivery is € 1.20 (only for residents in Greece )
  • Payment by credit / debit card
  • Deposit / transfer to a bank account

We only accept your order once payment has been approved and we have debited the payment (and then the contract is made based on these terms). All delivered products remain the property of the COMPANY until the final, full and complete payment from customer.

7. Rights of withdrawal from the distance contracts based on Law 2251/1994 (as amended by J.M.D. Z1-891 / 2013) – Return of products

The Customer can easily return the products they have purchased within fourteen (14) days of receiving them from the online store, even if they simply changed their mind. The Customer can deliver the products directly to the physical store Quadrant Optics free of charge or send them at their own expense to the physical store Quadrant Optics at the address you will find here. In every case of a refund, the customer is also charged with the initial shipping costs spent by the Company to send the product to the customer. For any information or concern for online orders, the Customer can contact the COMPANY’S Customer Service department before returning the products, either by phone (tel: 211 111 4286) or by sending an e-mail to ( info@quadrant-optics.gr). The customer in particular has the above right to return a product purchased from the online store without stating the reasons, under the following terms and conditions:

  • (a) Within a period of fourteen (14) calendar days from the date of conclusion of the service contract (in the case of services) or from delivery (in the case of products) or receipt (when the Customer has selected «receipt from the store») And in case of multiple goods ordered by the Customer within one order and delivered separately from the time of receipt, the Customer is entitled to withdraw from the sale (henceforth «Withdrawal»).
  • (b) The Customer must return the product exactly in the original condition in which it was purchased and received, otherwise the withdrawal will be unjustified. The returned product must not have been used and especially must be in excellent condition («as new»), as just before its sale, in its complete original packaging (box, nylon, foam, etc.) which should not have any tears or damage / alterations) and with all the contents of the original packaging (instructions for use, specifications and warranties, etc.). In addition, in order for the product to be returned, the original purchase document (retail receipt, invoice) must be presented by the person who originally purchased the product and whose details are printed on the purchase document.
  • (c) The return of the item is accepted, only if the Customer has previously paid any amount charged by the COMPANY for the shipment of the product to them and the shipping costs for the products return.
  • (d) The Customer is obliged to return the products within fourteen (14) calendar days from the day on which they notified the physical store Quadrant Optics with their withdrawal. The COMPANY, if the Customer wishes, can receive the product that is to be returned from the Customer’s residence, with a charge of the last of the relevant shipping costs amounting to 6 euros.
  • (e) Following the withdrawal statement and product(s) returned, the COMPANY is obliged to return the Customer’s money that they spent on the product(s). In case of the use of debit or credit card by the customer, the COMPANY, if it has received the money from the Bank, will be obliged to inform the Bank about the cancellation of the transaction and the Bank will take any foreseen action. The COMPANY after this information bears no responsibility for the time and manner of execution of the rebuttal, which is regulated by the contract drawn up between the issuing bank and the Customer. In case the Customer had chosen the option «collection from the store», the refund will be made from the COMPANY store.
  • (f) The refund of the cost due to a withdrawal of the Customer will be made no later than fourteen (14) working days from the time that the COMPANY received proven knowledge of its withdrawal.
  • (g) Delivery costs are non refundable.
  • (h) The Customer is liable to reimburse the COMPANY, if they made use of the product other than that necessary to determine the nature, characteristics and function of the goods in the period until the declaration of withdrawal. The COMPANY is entitled to agree with the Customer’s compensation even by mutual set-off. In case the withdrawal concerns the provision of services, the Customer must pay an amount and commensurate with the provided until the withdrawal statement. If the Customer exercises the right of withdrawal, any concluded contracts expire automatically, at no cost to the Customer.
  • (i) A product that was sold with an additional gift must be returned to the COMPANY with the product, otherwise the value of the gift will be deducted from the refunded amount.
  • (j) Custom-made contact lenses such as astigmatic, multifocal and coloured with myopia degrees are non-refundable.
  • (k) The lenses chosen by the customer for prescription glasses, that have already been installed to the frame they have chosen according to their order are non-refundable.
  • (l) Products that are custom made to order by the manufacturer, upon your order, are non-refundable.

8. Exceptions to the Right of Withdrawal of part. 7

The right of withdrawal from article 4 § 10 of law 2251/1994 does not apply:

  • In cases where the cost of the product(s) has been paid in the physical store and in addition, the product(s) have been received from the physical store, the sale is not considered to have been done accidentally.
  • Products that are not suitable for return, for health reasons (e.g. contact lenses, etc.) or for hygiene reasons, and which have been unsealed after delivery, such as personal care items.
  • Products that have been used.
  • Service contracts after the full provision of the service if the execution started with the previous explicit consent of the Customer, and with their acknowledgment that they will lose his right of withdrawal as soon as the contract is fully executed by the COMPANY.

9. Claims due to defect or lack of contracted status

The Withdrawal of par. 10 regarding this does not concern defective product(s) or product(s) in which there is a lack of contracted quality, which are covered by their respective warranties.

9.1. Seller Liability for substantial defects or lack of agreed properties

In case of liability of the COMPANY for evident defect or for lack of agreed quality of the product(s) («legal guarantee»), the Customer is entitled at their choice: a) to demand, without charge, the correction or replacement of the product with another, unless such an action is impossible or requires disproportionate costs, b) to request a price reduction or c) to withdraw from the contract of sale, unless it is an insignificant evident defect. In order for a property to be considered contracted, it must have been agreed in writing. If the Customer chooses the correction or replacement of the product, the COMPANY must make a correction or replacement in a reasonable time.

The above by law (AK 540) the rights of the Customer are barred after two years.

In any case that the Customer finds a defect they have the opportunity to contact the online store immediately after delivery the same day or the next business day at 211 111 4286 or info@quadrant-optics.gr. If a product is declared defective by the Customer, the COMPANY expressly reserves the right to diagnose the product as defective by competent technicians.

Limitation of Liability: The COMPANY does not provide a guarantee, nor does it guarantee protection for the eligibility of a sold product for any specific purpose.

In case the product is kept for customs clearance, the customer is to take responsibility.

9.2. Supplier Liability and Guarantee

New products with a long duration viability («durable consumer goods») must be accompanied by a written guarantee («commercial guarantee») from the manufacturer of the product or from the company that imported the product into the EU or from the company that appears as a manufacturer («Supplier»).

10. Final Provisions

Contracts through the online store are governed by European and Greek law, in particular by legislation governing issues related to e-commerce, distance selling and consumer protection. Similarly, the site has been created and is controlled by the COMPANY in Athens and the Greek Legislation will guide the use of the site and its interpretation. If the User chooses to access the site from another country, they have the responsibility to follow the Laws of that country.

Any dispute that arises and which arises from the contractual relationship between the COMPANY and the Customer, the competent Courts of Athens are responsible for resolving it. For the out-of-court settlement of the dispute, THE COMPANY may conclude an agreement for the assignment of its obligations to an appropriate third party. Otherwise, the Customer will not be entitled to assign or transfer their rights or obligations.

All notifications must be made in writing (by hand, by e-mail, fax or letter by first class mail, which will be deemed to have been delivered 48 hours after posting).

11. These terms constitute position information of the term 3b of Law 2251/1994

Personal Data (GDPR)

At quadrant-optics.gr We take seriously the protection of the privacy of our users / visitors of this website. For this reason, we strictly follow the present Privacy Policy, which ensures a high level of services offered, strictly adhering to the applicable legal framework. The processing of the users Personal Data by quadrant-optics.gr is done in accordance with the requirements of the General Regulation for Data Protection (EU) 2016/679 (EU) GDPR, as supplemented by the relevant national and European legislation for the protection of personal data. The personal data concerning the user are collected and stored for the required time and for defined, explicit and legal purposes. They are legally and lawfully processed in a transparent manner, always in accordance with the current legal framework and in a way that guarantees their appropriate security. This data is always appropriate, relevant and not more than what is required in view of the above purposes and is accurate and if necessary, updated.

This policy defines the terms and conditions in which are observed by quadrant-optics.gr, for the protection of the personal data of the users / visitors of this website, only if the above data is provided voluntarily by the interested parties, for them. This consists for the following purposes:

  • For the provision of services chosen by users / visitors through this website (e.g. purchase of products, information on new products, participation in competitions, etc.).
  • For the best service for users / visitors.
  • For the collection of information from users / visitors (feedback) about the offered products and services of quadrant-optics.gr and their improvement based on the information collected.
  • For informing users / visitors about the new available products of quadrant-optics.gr after their consent.
  • For informing users / visitors about offers of quadrant-optics.gr, as well as contending for any competitions, after their consent.
  • For the advertising and promotion of the products of quadrant-optics.gr from a distance, after the consent of the users / visitors.
  • For market research and communication with users / visitors, after their consent.
  • To improve the brand awareness of quadrant-optics.gr.

Quadrant-optics.gr reserves the right to modify and update this Policy, whenever it deems necessary, while the respective changes take effect from their public appearance on the website quadrant-optics.gr.

12. Security

Quadrant-optics.gr has taken the appropriate technical and organisational measures to ensure compliance with the legislation on personal data protection, as well as to achieve the appropriate level of security of personal data of its customers and third parties, whose data is processed , as well as users of its website. The COMPANY has taken all the necessary security measures in order to prevent the access of personal data to anyone other than the appropriate authorised persons for this purpose and only for the purposes of processing provided above.

Quadrant-optics.gr does not disclose the details of customers and their transactions, unless they have a written authorisation from the customer or if it is imposed by a court decision or decision of another public authority.

Fraudulent use of a customer’s credit/ debit card: Quadrant-optics.gr does not undertake to cover the customer’s liability to the Bank that have issued their credit/ debit cards (amount resulting from the contract for the issued liability of their credit/ debit card), in the case it is used by an unauthorised person (fraudulent use of a credit/ debit card). This liability covers only the cases where the unauthorised / fraudulent use of the customer’s credit/ debit card for purchases, in the company quadrant-optics.gr, is not due to the customer’s own mistake or negligence. For this reason, as soon as the customer realises the loss of their credit/ debit card, they are obliged to inform the issuing Bank, in order to cancel it and to exclude its use by any unauthorised person. In case of fraudulent use of their credit/ debit card, the money charged to their Bank account will be refunded.

Advertising messages: Quadrant-optics.gr provides its users with the opportunity to choose their information about the new products available on the market and for any other offers, payment arrangements, etc., by sending advertising – informational messages to their email or postal address or by phone. The company quadrant-optics.gr will not abuse its above services and rights. Users are always given the option to stop receiving advertising messages.

Applicable Law: All transactions the customer make through quadrant-optics.gr – quadrant-optics.gr are governed by International and European law governing issues related to e-commerce as well as the Law on Consumer Protection (N. 2251/1994) regulating issues related to distance selling.

13. Definitions

For the purposes of this Privacy Policy, the definitions in the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) apply.

  • «Personal data» means any information relating to an identified or identifiable physical person («data subject»); an identifiable physical person is one whose identity can be verified, directly or indirectly, in particular by reference to an identity name, identity number, position data, online identity card or one or more factors specific to the physical, physiological, genetic, psychological, economic, cultural or social identity of the individual concerned.
  • «Processing» means any operation or sequence of operations performed with or without the use of automated means, on personal data or on personal data sets, such as the collection, registration, organisation, structure, storage, adaptation or change, retrieval, search for information, use, disclosure by transmission, dissemination or any other form of disposal, correlation or combination, restriction, deletion or destruction.
  • «Controller» means a physical or legal person, public authority, service or other body which, individually or jointly with others, determines the purposes and manner of processing personal data; determined by Union law or the law of a Member State, the controller or the specific criteria for their appointment that may be laid down by Union law or the law of a Member State.

14. Cookies

Like most websites, the COMPANY also uses cookies, so that quadrant-optics.gr has access to certain information every time a user / visitor browses the online store. Without cookies it would be impossible for quadrant-optics.gr to offer to the users / visitors of this website important services such as order status, storage of products in the basket/ cart etc.

Cookies are alphanumeric data files that are transferred to a user’s/ visitors computer hard drive of a website and are used to maintain statistics that are necessary to offer services such as those listed above, as well as to determine popular websites or for marketing purposes and for the user/ visitor access to the website – website of their choice.

Cookies do not pose a risk to the computer of the user/ visitor or website. If the customer does not want to collect information through cookies, they can configure their internet browser to delete the existing cookies on their hard drive and choose either to automatically reject all new cookies, or to be asked when a cookie is to be installed on the computer hard drive if they want to reject or accept it. However, users/ visitors should be aware that choosing to decline cookies will make it more difficult or impossible to use parts and services of the website.

15. Exercise your rights

With regard to the protection of your personal data, you have the following rights:

  • Right of access, i.e. the right to be informed about your personal data kept in our files and to obtain copies.
  • Right of correction, i.e. the right to request the correction of inaccuracies and errors in your personal data kept in our records.
  • Right of deletion, i.e. the right to request the deletion or discontinuance of the use of your personal data kept in our files, subject to the more specific restrictions provided in the General Regulation.
  • Right to restrict, i.e. the processing of your personal data again if the conditions provided in the General Regulation are met.
  • Right of portability, i.e. the right to request from quadrant-optics.gr the direct transmission of personal data concerning you to the organisation that you will indicate to it, provided that they are technically structured, in accordance with the relevant legislation.
  • Right to object – to the processing of your personal data unless there are compelling and legal reasons of the processing which prevail over your interests, rights and freedoms or to the establishment, exercise or support of legal claims of quadrant-optics.gr.

Quadrant-optics.gr will respond in writing to you within thirty (30) days of receiving the request and identifying the applicant.

16. Use of Personal Data by Third Parties

Quadrant-optics.gr does not disclose your personal data to unrelated third parties without your consent. In the traditional course of business, we disclose certain personal data to companies we hire in order to carry out services or operations on our behalf. For example, to the courier company that we work with to deliver the order package to you. In any case where we share your personal data with a third party, we do not authorise them to maintain, disclose or use your data with anyone other than the purpose of the services we have requested to provide to us.

We may be legally required to disclose your personal information following a court order, summons, search warrant, law or regulation.

17. Observation Time

At quadrant-optics.gr we do not keep your personal data for longer than necessary. In many cases, personal data must be kept for a long period of time in order to be available if and when questions or disputes arise (e.g. product warranties of more than five years.) Personal data retention periods are determined by the type of personal data collected and the purpose for which they are collected, taking into account the conditions in force in each case and the need to destroy old data that is no longer used, as soon as possible. In case of commercial relationships between the user/ visitor and quadrant-optics.gr, a reasonable retention time of their personal data is at least (5) five years from the completion of the sale. (tax reasons / legislation)

We will continue to treat your personal data in accordance with the privacy statement principles (stated above) for as long as they are in our possession.

18. Applicable law

The above Terms are subject to Greek law and are interpreted accordingly. If any provisions are deemed invalid or void by the competent Greek court, it ceases to be valid, without this affecting the validity of the other Terms. Any dispute arising from the use of this website or concerning these Terms is subject to the jurisdiction of the competent courts of Athens.

Alternative Dispute Resolution

Greek legislation with JM70330 / 2015 for the out-of-court settlement of consumer disputes between consumers and businesses

For Greece, the institutions are:

Consumer rights http://www.synigoroskatanaloti.gr/

and for banking matters the Banking Mediator http://www.hobis.gr

There is an Alternative Dispute Resolution Body (ODR) for online dispute resolution throughout the European Union.

This link is http://ec.europa.eu/consumers/odr

19. Information Protection

In the event that you believe your personal data has been affected in any way, you can contact the National Personal Data Protection Authority: Website: www.dpa.gr

Postal Address: 1-3 Kifissias Avenue, PC 115 23, Athens

Call centre: +30 210 6475600

Fax: +30 210 6475628

E-mail:  contact@dpa.gr